The cost of a Diploma course at Mount Kenya University varies depending on the course and the student’s nationality. Below are the tuition fees for some of the most popular diploma courses at MKU:

CourseTuition Fees (Per Trimester)
Diploma in AccountingKshs. 32,550
Diploma in Business ManagementKshs. 32,550
Diploma in Human Resource ManagementKshs. 32,550
Diploma in MarketingKshs. 32,550
Diploma in Information TechnologyKshs. 32,550
Diploma in NursingKshs. 37,550
Diploma in Early Childhood EducationKshs. 37,550
Diploma in LawKshs. 49,000
Diploma in Social WorkKshs. 37,550
Diploma in Peace StudiesKshs. 37,550

International students pay double the tuition fees of local students.

The cost of tuition also includes the cost of textbooks, laboratory fees, and other course materials.

In addition to tuition fees, students may also be required to pay registration fees, examination fees, and other miscellaneous fees.

The total cost of a diploma course at MKU can vary depending on the course, the student’s nationality, and the number of years it takes to complete the course.

Here are some of the ways to reduce the cost of a diploma course at MKU:

  • Apply for scholarships or bursaries.
  • Take advantage of financial aid programs offered by the university.
  • Work part-time to help pay for tuition fees.
  • Enroll in a distance learning program, which can save money on transportation and accommodation costs.

If you are considering pursuing a diploma at Mount Kenya University, I encourage you to do your research and compare the costs of different courses and programs. You should also consider your financial situation and how you will be able to pay for the course.