The demand for skilled virtual assistants (VAs) is on the rise in Kenya and globally.

A virtual assistant offers administrative, technical, or creative support to clients remotely. It’s a flexible and rewarding career path.

If you have strong organizational, communication, and tech skills, becoming a VA could be an excellent choice.

To give yourself the best chance for success, you’ll need the proper training.

That’s where virtual assistant courses in Kenya come in.

In this blog post, we’ll unveil the top 7 virtual assistant courses in Kenya and explore what makes each one stand out.

What to Consider When Choosing a Virtual Assistant Course in Kenya

Before we dive into the list, consider these crucial factors when selecting a virtual assistant course in Kenya:

  • Curriculum: Opt for courses with a comprehensive curriculum covering essential VA skills like administrative tasks, social media management, customer service, basic web design, and more.
  • Instructor Expertise: Find courses taught by experienced professionals with a proven track record in the virtual assistance industry.
  • Support: Look for courses offering mentorship, guidance, and a community for ongoing learning and support.
  • Cost: VA courses range in price. Choose one that suits your budget while prioritizing quality training.
  • Specialization: Consider your interests – some courses may focus on specific niches like social media or e-commerce support.

The 7 Best Virtual Assistant Courses in Kenya

Now, let’s explore the top picks for virtual assistant courses in Kenya:

1. Alison Administrative Support Assistant Training

This course teaches fundamental administrative skills, improving liaisons and organizational abilities. It is suitable for administrative virtual assistants aiming to work independently and precisely.

2. HubSpot Reporting

Offered by HubSpot Academy, this course trains virtual assistants in presenting data-driven reports, helping businesses make informed decisions faster.

3. HubSpot Automation

Another HubSpot Academy course, this focuses on automating business processes, saving time and increasing efficiency.

4. Skillshare Creative Skills

For marketing virtual assistants, Skillshare offers various free classes on content marketing and template design and creation.

5. Udemy Technical Skills & Business Development Knowledge

With a wide array of courses available, Udemy provides technical skills and business development knowledge, ranging from social media management to sales and prospecting.

6. LinkedIn Learning In-Depth Business Training

Popular courses include graphic design, marketing, and software training. Accessible via LinkedIn Premium subscription.

7. International Virtual Assistants Association Soft Skills

Blog posts on mobile SEO, time management, and project management help virtual assistants develop soft and technical skills needed for handling multiple tasks and projects.

These courses cater to diverse skill sets, ensuring virtual assistants can adapt to various roles and responsibilities.

Extra Resources for Finding Virtual Assistant Courses

Besides the list above, consider these online platforms to discover more virtual assistant courses in Kenya:

  • Udemy: Offers a wide range of VA courses, often with affordable options.
  • Coursera: Features courses from renowned institutions focused on skill development.
  • Laimoon: A platform showcasing various courses available in Kenya.

FAQs About Virtual Assistant Courses in Kenya

Q: Are these courses beginner-friendly?

A: Most virtual assistant courses in Kenya are suitable for beginners, but double-check course descriptions!

Q: Do the courses offer job placement assistance?

A: Some courses provide job search support or connect you to potential clients.

Q: What are the typical costs of VA courses?

A: Prices vary but expect an average range within your budget.

The Benefits of Taking a Virtual Assistant Course in Kenya

Choosing to invest in a virtual assistant course in Kenya offers numerous advantages:

  • Gain Valuable Skills: Develop the essential administrative, technical, and interpersonal skills to excel as a VA.
  • Enhance Your Employability: A course certificate demonstrates your dedication and skills to potential clients.
  • Access a Network: Connect with other aspiring VAs, mentors, and potential clients in a supportive community.
  • Learn Best Practices: Discover industry-standard tools, techniques, and ethical practices for VA success.
  • Build Confidence: Feel empowered to start your VA career or improve your current skillset.


Enrolling in a virtual assistant course in Kenya opens up a world of possibilities! These courses help you develop the skills and gain the confidence you need to excel in this flexible and dynamic career.

Consider your goals, budget, and learning style when making your decision. With dedication and the right training, you’ll be well-positioned to secure fulfilling work as a virtual assistant.

Are you ready to embark on your journey as a virtual assistant? Explore the courses listed above and take the first step toward a rewarding career!

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