Here are some of the military courses offered in Kenya:

Kenya Military Academy (KMA) Courses:

  • Basic Military Training
  • Officer Cadet Course
  • Junior Staff Course
  • Senior Staff Course

Kenya Army School of Infantry (KASI) Courses:

  • Infantry Platoon Commanders’ Course
  • Infantry Company Commanders’ Course
  • Infantry Battalion Commanders’ Course
  • Infantry Tactics Course

Kenya Army School of Artillery (KASA) Courses:

  • Artillery Observer Course
  • Artillery Command and Staff Course
  • Field Artillery Junior Command Course
  • Field Artillery Senior Command Course

Kenya Air Force Training School (KAFTS) Courses:

  • Basic Air Force Training Course
  • Pilots’ Course
  • Navigators’ Course
  • Technical Courses (Aircraft Maintenance, Avionics, etc.)

Kenya Navy Base Mtongwe Courses:

  • Basic Naval Training Course
  • Naval Operations Course
  • Naval Engineering Course
  • Naval Aviation Course

Kenya Defence Forces Technical College (KDFTC) Courses:

  • Engineering Courses (Mechanical, Electrical, Civil, etc.)
  • Telecommunications Courses
  • Information Technology Courses
  • Technical Training for various military trades

Kenya School of Military Intelligence (KSMI) Courses:

  • Basic Military Intelligence Course
  • Advanced Military Intelligence Course
  • Intelligence Staff Course
  • Counterintelligence Course

Kenya Army School of Logistics (KASL) Courses:

  • Logistics Management Course
  • Supply Chain Management Course
  • Transportation Management Course
  • Procurement and Contract Management Course

Kenya Military Police Training School Courses:

  • Basic Military Police Course
  • Military Police Investigations Course
  • Military Police Staff Course
  • VIP Protection Course

Universities in Kenya offering military courses

In addition to these military courses, there are also a number of civilian institutions that offer courses in military subjects. These include:

  • Moi University – This university offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in Military Studies.
  • Kenyatta University – This university offers a Bachelor of Science degree in Defence Studies.
  • University of Nairobi – This university offers a Bachelor of Arts degree in War Studies.

These courses are open to both Kenyan citizens and foreign nationals. The requirements for admission vary depending on the institution and the course. However, most institutions require applicants to have a high school diploma or equivalent.

If you are interested in a career in the military, I recommend that you research the different military courses available and choose the one that best suits your interests and goals.

You should also consider your academic qualifications and any other relevant experience.